Safe Data

The leading edge of management information technology


Safe Data, Inc. is a world-class provider of management information technology.

SDI can provide all your data collection and dissemination needs by offering design applications for practically every business and profession.

How We Help

Our leading edge programs, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and SDI Net Access Portal (SNAP), aid our clients in collecting and assimilating data on a timely basis. Through the use of IVR, any touch-tone telephone becomes a data input device, while SNAP allows data collection over the Internet from any where in the world.

What We Do

SDI provides clients, and thousands of users, with the best in information security. To ensure a high level of data integrity, rigid security measures are employed during the input and output stages of operation. Multi-layered security levels may be increased or decreased depending upon your program application.

Amazing Features


Allows information to be reported by telephone via the touch-tone keypad.


Allows information to be reported by internet via smart phone, tablet, or computer.


Providing tools to protect your data every step of the way.


More productive employees with accurate and timely production data.


Safe Data, Inc. specializes in developing custom applications to fit the clients specific needs.


  • Feed Ordering
  • Feed Budgeting
  • Production Reporting
  • Mortality Reporting
  • Transportation Scheduling
  • Movement Dissemination
  • Nutrient Application
  • Monitoring:
    • Lagoon and pit levels
    • Water usage levels
    • Rainfall levels
    • Feed bin levels


  • Client Billable Hours Reporting
  • Client Expense Reports
  • Quality Control Reports
  • Time Card Information
  • Shift Reporting
  • Order Entry
  • Banking Inquiry
  • Insurance Inquiry
  • Maintenance Service Calls
  • Physical Inventory Reports
  • Daily Sales Reports
  • Home Health Care Reports
  • Supply Order & Inquiry


Safe Data, Inc. is headquartered in Wallace, North Carolina and has a staff of trained professionals that are ready to provide your company with customer-oriented, reliable and cost effective solutions using the latest advances in information technology.

Safe Data, Inc.
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